Reclaimed Copper Furniture

Designer Daniel Faull utilises discarded copper water tanks and repurposes them into unique functional art. The copper is first processed then formed into beautiful furniture and artwork using long forgotten metal working techniques. The copper sheets can be patch worked to accommodate any size or shape whilst giving a unique patina which new copper does not possess.



Daniel also uses a liquid solution to add a whole new dimension to copper furniture giving each piece a unique colour and patina. For example the stunning side table below has twisted copper tube legs and reclaimed copper top which has had the solution applied giving it the beautiful patina. The top is then lacquered, sealing in and protecting the patina.

IMG_3663 IMG_3664

IMG_3795 IMG_3794















IMG_3834 IMG_6273 IMG_3876 IMG_3872IMG_4941 SAM_0381 SAM_0411 SAM_0393 SAM_0422 SAM_0436 SAM_0443 SAM_0395





































Daniel uses the traditional method of brazing to finish all his joints which gives superior strength over soldering and the aesthetics of a polished bronze joint.










Daniel has used reclaimed copper to produce some outstanding commercial designs including copper bars and lights for Brewstone, Lil London who have a double decker bus as a bar and Tech-Hub.
















IMG_4358 IMG_4357





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