Care Instructions

Copper care

Bare copper– the copper is supplied as nature intended and showcases the textures and features only found in reclaimed copper water tanks. The copper has had a life prior to becoming a beautiful piece of furniture so will have minor scratches, dents or imperfections which only add to the character whilst allowing you to use the top to be used without fear of denting or scratching since this will only add to its unique appearance. The copper will oxidise naturally or when something is spilled onto its surface but the copper can be easily polished with brasso.

Patina copper – after the patination process the patina is protected and sealed with a special scratch resistant lacquer. The lacquer is scratch resistant not scratch proof so care must be taken to avoid damaging the lacquer. Due to the reactive nature of copper the patina will continue to develop under the lacquer changing from black to yellow to green for example. Up to seven coats of lacquer are applied to provide a depth of protection allowing minor scratches to be removed using a traditional car buffer and fine abrasive paste. Additional layers of lacquer can be applied and especially if scratched back to the bare metal since the copper will be exposed to moisture and possibly compromise the lacquer around the damaged area. We offer a reconditioning and maintenance option where the top can be given a bit of TLC or the patina can be completely removed to go back to bare copper and polished. We could then put a different patina on the table giving it a totally new look to compliment a change of location or room decoration.

Timber Considerations

All our live edge timber products are locally sourced and kiln dried to reduce the amount of movement to a minimum. That said wood is a natural product and may slightly shrink, split and twist which cannot be mitigated for and is therefore not considered a manufacturing fault. Since we only use kiln dried timber the chances of this happening is very small and to date we have not had any issues since any shrinkage has occurred in the kiln allowing us to make dramatic features of the splits with bow-tie joints.

Timber finishes and care

General – All timber products need protection from moisture and stains. The choice of finish depends on the look, feel and protection provided. All spillages will bead on the surface and are easily wipe able. Spillages need to be wiped up immediately on all timber finishes to prevent the penetration of moisture and damage to the finish. Place mats and coasters need to be used to avoid scratching the furniture surface.

Lacquer – all our timber products can be professionally lacquered in a variety of sheens from flat matt to high gloss. Lacquers provide the most protection but offer a less natural feel although once lacquered the lacquer can be waxed to give extra protection to the lacquer and feel of a natural waxed table.

Hardwax oil – hardwax oil combines both wax and oil to bring out the deep grain when compared to wax alone. Scratches can be lightly sanded then reapplied with wax-oil which makes it the most maintenance friendly finish do be done yourself.

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