The BOX Furniture

Bringing cutting edge designs from daniel faull

Taking Reclaimed Furniture to Another Level

Reclaimed copper

Designer Daniel Faull utilises reclaimed copper from discarded water tanks to make truly unique contemporary furniture.

Live-edge Wood

Designer Daniel Faull creates all his live edge furniture pieces with locally sourced, kiln dried hardwoods.


The BOX Furniture was created by designer and director Daniel Faull. Once he finished university Daniel worked as a site manager and went on to successfully start his own building company. Although he enjoyed being hands on with work he decided to turn his passionate hobby into a business. After a year of setting up his workshop and developing relationships with local businesses he has established The BOX Furniture as being on the forefront of commercial design. Having put his footprint on the commercial scene, Daniel has set his sights firmly on producing some of the most outrageous “out of the box” furniture designs utilising both reclaimed and the latest modern materials. Taking inspiration from vintage industrial architecture, Daniel uses long lost traditional techniques of wood and metal work to produce some truly awe inspiring pieces of art.

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